Arrow Episode 8

Be ready to catch the second half of this weeks Arrow/Flash crossover tonight at 8pm on sky 1! I can tell you now it’s going to be a good one!



Champions League Poll

The Big One: Arsenal vs Manchester United

This weekend, Arsenal lock horns with Manchester United in what is always a very intense affair. I am particularly excited in this instance, as I can only see this game going one way. Attack versus Attack. It’s well documented that Arsenal can only play one way which consists of their trademark free flowing football. Manchester United in turn will reply with similar methods; the red devils of old would normally come to the Emirates stadium and look to play on the counter. This current side don’t have the defensive resources required to do that so for them the best form of defense is attack, and with the attacking quality they possess with players of the caliber of Falcao, Van Persie, Wayne Rooney and, of course, the £60 million transfer signing Angel Di Maria they definitely have the ability to attack. Defensively however, I worry. It’s a rare occasion where both teams need to win and the only way they can set about achieving this is by trying to get on the front foot.

Whatever happens, it’s definitely one you shouldn’t miss. I’ve already penned this one for a 2-2 draw, make sure you tune in on Sky Sports 1 at 4.45pm this Saturday.

22 Jump Street Review

I recently sat down and watched 22 Jump Street again, having previously seen the film twice already in cinema. First of all, I would say its vastly superior to its predecessor simply due to the two lead actors refined performances. Both Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum excel in their roles and you feel the chemistry between them instantaneously which is arguably one of the films key strengths. The transition between humor and seriousness seems effortless and they successfully carry the weight of expectation between them. Aside from the films actors, who all give excellent performances, the narrative is nothing to dissimilar from a regular everyday undercover cop movie. However, the fact the film is aware of this and doesn’t take itself too seriously benefits the overall look and feel of the story. There is only one small part that I thought could have been different and that was one particular character that only really had one arc but as she was still important to the plot it didn’t deter me too much from the movie. It isn’t trying to win any awards, to quote the film its just “doing the same thing again”. This one is definitely worth a watch and make sure you hang around for the credits as they’re arguably the best set I have ever watched.

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